I have been working since approximately 2012 as a recording and mixing engineer. I did a 30 hour training at the Klankacademie in Mechelen. I am specialized in acoustic music, Classical and Jazz. My goal is to make a recording sound as realistic as possible...

You can listen to the following recordings and/or mixes:

- Peter Hertmans Quintet, 'Live at Dommelhof' (editing and mixing)

- Stefan en Peter Hertmans, 'Open de deur van het gedicht' (recording and mixing)

- Jonathan Collin-Bouhon, 'Léman' (mixing)

- Jonathan Collin-Bouhon, 'When Words Fail' (recording and mixing)

- Alexandre Furnelle 'Sous les Grands Arbres', (recording and mixing)

- Alexandre Furnelle 'Kaléidoscopes', (recording and mixing)

- Alexandre Furnelle 'Voyages immobiles', (mixing)

- Alexandre Furnelle 'Different kinds of Blue', (mixing)

- Eliott Knuets 'Introducing', (mixing)

- Guillaume Muschalle 'Shared Stories', (recording and mixing)

- Erwin Vann, Peter Hertmans 'Compassion', (recording and mixing)

- Adinda Hertmans, 'Feel' (single), (recording and mixing)

- Olivier Collette, 'Phi', (mixing)

- Olivier Collette, 'Conceptions', (mixing)

- Bart Quartier, 'Live Path', (recording and mixing)

- Azalaïs, 'Biais m'est estez', (recording and mixing)

- Kari Antila, 'Guitar Stories' (recording and mixing)

- Kari Antila, 'Dahil Road' (mixing)

- Steven Delannoye, 'Small World' (recording and mixing)

- 'Around Paolo Radoni', (recording and mixing)

- Pieter Schuermans 'Chaotic Pulse, Pulsating Chaos', (recording and mixing)

- Armen-Levon Manaseryan, 'Color of Sound', (recording and mixing)

- Currende, Erik Van Nevel, 'Cipriano de Rore, Le Vergine', (recording and mixing)

- Hrayr Karapetyan & Hasmik Manukyan, 'Art of Duo', (recording and mixing)

and more...