Discography Peter Hertmans



- As leader/co-leader:


Around Paolo Radoni”; Paolo Loveri, Jean-Louis Rassinfosse; Red Box Trib, RB004 (2021)

Compassion” Erwin Vann – Peter Hertmans; Bandcamp (2021)

"Open de deur van het gedicht" Stefan & Peter Hertmans; Hans Kusters Music HKM LIT 9923 (2020)

Live at Dommelhof” Peter Hertmans Quintet; elnegocitorecords eN073 (2019) 

Akasha”; Peter Hertmans trio; Gemini records GR1820 (2018)

Dedication”; Peter Hertmans Quartet; W.E.R.F. 124 (2015)

Sous les Grands Arbres”; duo with Alexandre Furnelle; Quetzal QZ 135 (2013)

Cadences”; Peter Hertmans Quartet; Mogno j027 (2008)

Stone Sculpture”; with Erwin Vann, Nicolas Thys and Billy Hart; Mogno j020 (2006)

The Other Side”; Peter Hertmans Trio; Quetzal QZ 110 (2004)

Restless”; with Jean-Pierre Catoul, Michel Herr, Michel Hatzigeorgiou

and Bruno Castellucci; Quetzal QZ 109 (2000)

Caribbean Fire Dance”; Ode For Joe; W.E.R.F. 017 (1999)

Buddies”; with Marco Locurcio, Nicolas Thys and Hans Van Oosterhout;

VKH - Tonesetters TS004 VKH (1997)

Ode For Joe”; with Jeroen Van Herzeele; Igloo IGL 123 (1996)

Waiting”; Peter Hertmans Quartet; Timeless CD SJP 418 (1994)


- As sideman:


"When Words Fail" Jonathan Collin-Bouhon; release on streaming platforms (2024)

"Léman" Jonathan Collin-Bouhon; (2022)

Positive” Michel Herr Tentet; Igloo Records IGL308 (2019)

Different Kinds of Blue” AF New 5, Red Box Trib, RB005 (2019)

Phi” Olivier Collette, Hypnote records, HR010 (2019)

Trip” Stéphane Mercier Quintet, Igloo records IGL292 (2018)

Biaus m’est estez” Azalaïs, Azalaïs Music, eigen productie (2017)

Guitar Stories” Kari Antila – Peter Hertmans, Seventh String Music SSMCD-3 (2016)

If You Missed the Beginning” Michel Mainil New Quartet; Label Travers, TRA 023 (2016)

When Love Comes to Call” the music of Cole Porter, with Wilfried Van den Brande and Jos Machtel (2014)

Clazzics” Summer Residence (Bernard Guyot en Charles Loos) Cypres CYP0608


Institute of Higher Learning”; Kenny Werner with the Brussels Jazz Orchestra;

Half Note Records (2011)

Three times twenty”; Charles Loos; mogno j045 (2011)

A Tribute to Cole Porter”; Wilfried Van den Brande; Swells prod. (2010)

Live - Jazz in ‘t Park” Jazz Lab All Stars; uitgave van de Stad Gent n.a.v. 15 jaar

Jazz in ‘t Park (2008)

Views of Xela”; Alexandre Furnelle Orchestra; mogno j034 (2009)

The Music of Michel Herr”; Brussels Jazz Orchestra, WERF 067-068 (2007)

Le Chant des Sirènes”; Alexandre Furnelle Quartet; mogno j013 (2004)

Latinea”; Sal La Rocca Quintet; Igloo IGL 168 (2003)

Heiwa”; Greetings from Mercury; Tracks 002 (2002)

True Stories”; Ivan Paduart Septet; Igloo IGL 146 (2000)

Continuance”; Greetings from Mercury; Carbon 7 C7 036 (1999)

Op de Klank af, Vol. 2”; 20 jaar Cmb, uitgegeven door het Cmb, Puurs, (1998)

Greetings from Mercury”; Jeroen Van Herzeele; Carbon 7 C7 029 (1998)

The Queen of the Apple Pie”; Laurent Blondiau Quintet; W.E.R.F. 011 (1998)

Hommage à René Thomas”; Fabien Degryse; Igloo IGL 134 (1997)

The Miles Davis Project”; Jan Verwey; Willibrord Jazz WJ 2076-1 (1996)

At The Crossroads”; Jeroen Van Herzeele; Carbon 7 C7 017 (1995)

School Is Out”; Ton van de Geyn kwintet; Art In Jazz 991 003-2 (1991)



- As guest-musician:


"Voyages Immobiles"; Kaléidoscopes, Alexandre Furnelle, mogno, (2023)

"Be My Guest"; David Linx; Cristal Records CR345 (2021)

"Introducing Eliott Knuets"; Eliott Knuets (2021)

Let me Hear a Simple Song”; Radoni’s Tribe; mogno j033 (2009)

Radea”; Chroma o.l.v. Karel Van Marcke; homerecords.be 4446035 (2007)

Sides of Life”; Fabrice Alleman Quartet; Lyrae LY0414-C (2004)

- als componist/arrangeur:

"Towards The Light"; Castellucci Stringtet; Quetzal QZ 105 (1997)