Here are some of my guitars, amps and effect pedals.

This acoustic guitar was built by Jacky Walraet. I've had it for several years and you can hear it on several of my cd's. Wonderful instrument... 

This is my little Yamaha nylon string, you can hear it on 'Sous les Grands Arbres' with Alexandre Furnelle.

This Les Paul tribute from 2018 is a gift from my dear brother and success author Stefan. It is extremely dear to me, not the fanciest Les Paul, but a great little instrument.

Another Jacky Walraet, hand built for me: incredibly versatile instrument you can hear on most of my recordings. Check out 'Dedication', the 2015 cd with my quartet, all the lead guitars were played with this instrument. Also check 'When words fail' with Jonathan Collin, you can hear how this baby sounds with the pick-ups switched to single coil.

My 335, fantastic instrument, bought in 2012. It's a slim neck from 1991. Check out 'Akasha' with Charlier-Sourisse or 'Trip' with Stephane Mercier, all the lead guitars were done on this one. 

I bought this Telecaster 2 years ago, it's a Mexican from 1995, the real deal!

At the moment, I have these 4 amps: a DV Mark Little Jazz, very handy; an old Polytone Mini Brute II that I bought like at least 30 years ago. I just changed the speaker, a Jensen, for the rest all original; and then the 2 Fender valve amps: a Blues Junior tweed and a Hot Rod Deluxe Mk I, a silver face. I changed the speaker in that one: a neodymium Celestion Creamback 12'. A lot lighter to carry now...

And this is my effects rack: in on the RAT, then the POG, into the MXR preamp, into volume pedal, into the Loop Station (an oldy!!), to the (fantastic) MXR reverb into the Line6 DL4 stereo, out to two amps.